Technical Information

Welcome! Below you find a few links to help us make your visit more enjoyable. Please review the theater specifications before filling out the Tour Advance information form.

Theater and Stage Specifications

Technical Specs

The South Shore Music Circus is a 2,250 seat theatre-in-the-round. we present 30-40 shows per summer, (June – Labor Day) under the tent.
The South Shore Music Circus is owned and operated by South Shore Playhouse Associates, inc., which also owns and operates the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA. booking for both venues in managed by CEO/Executive Producer, Vincent Longo.

Proscenium Configuration

For shows booked not “in the round” the capacity of the theater is reduced to 1560.
The center circle of the stage does not revolve and slightly increases the stage size by allowing
full use of the “apron” stage surround. A back scrim is hung from the rear of the lighting grid and draped to the rear of the orchestra pit allowing the pit to be used for monitor world and guitar techs.

Please double check your contract for “In-The-Round” or “Proscenium” configuration.also owns and operates the Cape Cod Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA. booking for both venues in managed by CEO/Executive Producer, Vincent Longo.

Sound & Lighting

Installed and maintained by WHB Concert Production.
260 Stage Rd., PO Box #1020
Hampstead, NH 03841

Stage Power

3 phase, 100amp at stage, cam locks or house distro. An additional 2 x 20-amp circuits are available in the orchestra pit.

Speaker System

36 Meyer Sound M’elodie curvilinear line array loudspeakers with RMS
6 M’elodie fly grids 4 Meyer Sound 600HP subwoofer systems
1 Meyer Sound Galileo speaker system processor
1 Motion computing LE1600 wireless tablet

House Equipment

Midas M32 Digital Console
State AC Package
1 Klark Teknic DN360 1/3 octave equalize
1 Whirlwind 100’ snake w/ W2 disconnect
2 Avid Design SC48 mixing consoles
12 x JBL VP‐7212 powered stage monitors w/ JBL PRX500 powered drum sub
1 full complement mics and stand package.

Mix Position

Mix position is in front of the light booth. This is at the top of aisle 5, approximately 50′ from the stage.
Note: we have a house sound limit of 98dba at the board, which is mandated by local guidelines.

Lighting in The Round

The lighting grid is a Tomcat aluminum box truss suspended above the stage floor. House lighting instruments, two follow spots and audio equipment are hung directly on this grid. Two spot operator chairs hang below the grid in opposite corners. House lighting is configured for maximum coverage for our rotating stage and coverage for “In The Round Shows”. Additional “Ground” lighting maybe added.

20 Chauvet Colorado Tri Tour LED pars on grid
16 Chauvet Colorado Tri Tour LED pars on outriggers

8 Altman Par 64 w/1000 watt lamps / no color
8 Chauvet RH1 Hybrid moving lights
6 Chauvet R1X  moving wash instruments
6 Chauvet LED Blinders
2 Altman Luminator truss spots
1 Clearcom 2 channel com system with 6 stations, 4 dbl muff
and 2 single muff headsets.


1 x Avolites Pearl Expert lighting console with updates.
1 x ETC Express lighting console.

Video and IMAG

Since the Melody Tent is an actual tent and an “in the round” venue our video and IMAG capabilities are limited by the limitations of rigging points, sight lines and height clearances. Our in house solution is to utilize areas of the white tent interior ceiling as large screen areas.

Placing hi lumen projectors on the stage surround and projecting over the audience presents large clear video images easily viewed by all our patrons. In house fixed cameras with an in house switching creates a lively video presentation and can easily incorporate traveling artist video content. For additional video production or to create your own video in our venue contact us for details.


1 ETC Express 48/96 controller for LEDs,
1 Hog 1000 for Martin Mac moving lights
Console System (shared between both venues)
1 – 100 Amp 3 phase distribution with cam-loc in and outs.


In house staff are on show call duty from 4:30 pm day of show except by prior arrangement. Local duty officers are on the grounds for all events.

Dressing Rooms & Catering

The Music Circus hospitality building offers 2 x private dressing room suites on the ground floor close to catering and the visiting production office and a large band room. Suites have private showers, bathrooms, cable television and wi-fi throughout the building. A private staircase leads to another large private suite on the second floor. This can be used as additional dressing rooms or a band room. The upstairs suite has additional TV and a Pool Table.

Additional men’s and ladies room in the building also have full shower facilities.
Bus parking and shore power for 4 buses is in a private are at the rear of the building with secure access and egress.

Catering room can accommodate up to 30 persons and includes a full kitchen.
Lunch is prepared on premise and dinner is catered by Lavishly Dunn catering.
Menus are provided during advance.

Venue Information


We can accommodate up to four buses with 50-amp shore power for all four. Bus parking is private, behind the hospitality/dressing room building with secures access to the building.

Load in is approximately 50′ from the stage and NO loading dock is available.
Trucks unload from parking lot and park after load in.


There are two aisles that access the stage. aisles 5 and 7 have ramps that access the stage. all aisles are approximately 3’4” wide and 45’ long.


The stage floor is an oval 29’0″ by 23’9″. the stage floor is 1’6″ above the base of the concrete bowl. the main tent poles are located at the elongated ends of the oval, on aisles 3 and 9. an orchestra pit, approximately 11′ wide, wraps around the stage from aisle 10 to aisle 2, and sits 3’7″ below the stage floor. there is a ramp to move gear into the pit.

The stage turntable is 21′ in diameter and revolves at variable speeds. stage speeds vary from 8 to 15 minutes per rotation. Stage power and cables are snaked through a center hole in the stage. Please allow approx. 20′ on all cables to accommodate the “wrap” needed to revolve the stage.

Primary Production Contact

Tony Raine


WHB Contact

John Coretto
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